Seamus D'Arcy


I'm a software developer. I bought this domain so I have to put something here I guess.

Maybe someday I'll build something nice, but for the moment let's imagine a beautiful design with big, bold lettering, splashes of colour, and a subtle geometric design in the background that changes every time you reload. Or maybe the styling would be very minimal, but with lots of unexpected/unconventional interactivity. The whole thing would be built and hosted using the latest stuff and would deploy automagically whenever I make changes.

There would be a block of word soup about me here containing positive adjectives like pragmatic, curious, passionate, meticulous and enthusiastic.

I would have a bio section stating that I have 15 years experience in the software industry, most (and the best) of those with NearForm; that I am based in south-east Ireland and am a father to a girl and two boys. I would try to articulate that I am a scientist at heart, and that I think the meaning of life is to make as many people as possible a bit happier, in the face of the worst flaw of the human character - greed - that causes so many of life's problems (but I would definitely not get that deep about it - jeez).

The rest of the content would change regularly. Maybe I would have a timeline of all the interesting projects I've worked on. Or a heatmap of my location history for the last few years, or something else map-related because I have a bit of an obsession with maps. And geoguessr.